• mINI'S | 0-4 years

    Minis is a place where babies and children ages 0-4 are taught the importance of Christian beliefs and values.  This is the most crucial time to impart in each infant, so they can develop spiritually and developing and understanding of the importance of having relationship with Jesus Christ. 

    Our core values for the infants are as follows:  

    1.  Putting God first

    2. Faith

    3. Love

    4. Compassion

    5. Hope

    Jesus said..."Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" ~ Matthew 19:14

    ~ Lisa Aguilar, Minis Director

  • kIDZ city | 5-12 years

    Kidz City Curriculum is designed to help kids identify their emotions and respond to them the way God designed.  Each child has an opportunity to learn their love language as we explore the depths of each bible story.  

    We are so excited to see your little on uncover the calling God has placed on their life.  

    ~ Kidz City Ministry