The Team

Here at Captivate we have some of the most passionate people around. We try our best to help people and our community flourish. Our leaders, and Pastors are equipped to help people ENCOUNTER the presence and love of God; teach and raise DISCIPLES through biblical teachings so they can in turn ENGAGE with their families and communities with the power and love of Jesus Christ.  

  • Robert & Patricia Serrano

    Associate Pastors and

    Captivate Core

  • Mike Romero

    Encounter  Group

  • Vivian Villanueva

    Women's Encounter Group

  • Gabe & Yolanda Ricardez

    Encounter Group

  • Ramon & Lisa Aguilar

    Infuse Young Adults

  • Alex & Mercedes Albana

    New Believer Connect and

    Berean College

  • Ray & Terrie Romero


  • Lisa Aguilar

    Mini's Director

  • Mark & Monica Rogridguez

    Community Outreach

  • Raul Sandoval

    Ushering Director

  • robert Serrano, Jr.


  • Alicia Vallejo